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Wireless Lavalier for ENG

Sony UWP V-1

Shure UWP

The Sony UWP-V1 Wireless Lavalier Microphone System replaces its UWP-C series predecessor with enhancements that include a rugged, all-metal chassis and Mic/Line switchable input at the transmitter. PLL-synthesized tuning, space-diversity reception and all other professional wireless features that made the UWP-C series a popular choice, go into the enhanced UWP-V1 system.

The camera-mountable receiver features space-diversity technology which stabilizes reception and minimizes RF interference by selecting the strongest incoming signal. In addition the antennas swivel so that you can achieve even stronger reception. A stereo mini jack output with monitor volume control is featured and both stereo, mini and XLR cables are provided. An LCD display provides channel & frequency information, battery life, RF-input level, audio-output status and accumulated operating time. The receiver operates on 2 AA batteries for up to 8 hours and its compact design and included shoe-mount adapter allows easy mounting to most camcorders.

The improved body-pack transmitter features a microphone and line level input switch. This allows wireless transmission of microphone or line level signals. Like the receiver, the body-pack transmitter also features 188 selectable UHF frequencies and operates up to 8 hours on 2 AA size alkaline batteries. An omnidirectonal lavalier microphone is supplied with this system.

Improved All Metal Construction
The transmitter and receiver both feature metal construction for maximum durability on the road.
Mic and Line Input Switch
The transmitter features microphone and line level switching for transmitting microphones or line level signal sources.
UHF Synthesized Frequencies
Both transmitter and receiver provide 188 user selectable frequencies, providing plenty of options when interference is present.
Space Diversity Receiver
The receiver features a space diversity design which simply chooses the strongest signal between the dual incoming signals, then sends that signal to output.
Selectable RF Output
The transmitter allows selection between 5mW output power and 30mW output. 5mW is suitable for indoor, simultaneous multi-channel operation while 30mW is intended for outdoor, long-range use.
Comprehensive Display
Both transmitter and receiver feature a comprehensive LED display providing channel and frequency information, battery life, total usage time and more.
Omnidirectional Lavalier
A high-quality omnidirectional lavalier microphone provides the sonic quality needed to handle professional and non-professional applications.   

Handheld Wireless and Lav Kit

Shure SLX124/85/SM58-H5 

 Combo Shure wirelessThe Shure SLX Series wireless microphone systems provide the performance and reliability needed for use in performance venues, sound reinforcement etc. The UHF system is available in up to 8 different bands, over a 24MHz spectrum. This system includes the SLX4 receiver, SLX2 handheld transmitter with an SM58 microphone head and SLX1 bodypack transmitter with a WL185 lavalier microphone.

The SLX4 receiver is rack or desktop mountable and features a diversity antenna design. The diversity design allows dual antennas to compete for the strongest possible reception. XLR microphone level, and 1/4" phone line level outputs are featured. A comprehensive LCD display provides Frequency, Group and Channel information as well as transmitter battery status, audio level and more.

The SLX2 handheld transmitter features the cardioid SM58 capsule. The cardioid polar pattern effectively rejects signals at the off-axis sections of the microphone, allowing higher gain before feedback from monitors and speakers. The transmitter features a comprehensive display with timeout function.

The SLX1 Transmitter is a UHF bodypack and is powered for up to 8 hours on 2 AA size batteries. A 4-pin microphone input jack, accommodates any Shure microphone featuring a TA4 connection. The SLX1 features an infrared sensor, allowing the transmitter to remotely sync frequency settings with the receiver. An adjustable mic / 0dB / -10dB switch allows input from guitars, instruments and microphones.

The WL185 Lavalier Microphone features a cardioid pick up pattern which minimizes off-axis noise and feedback caused by speakers or stage monitors. The WL185 features a 50-17,000Hz frequency response making it suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Combo System
This set includes both body-pack and handheld transmitters making it useable in application.
Sync Between Transmitter & Receiver
The SLX series transmitters and receivers feature an infrared sync feature which allows settings such as frequency and channel to be transferred remotely.
UHF Diversity
The SLX4 receiver features UHF diversity reception. Dual receivers compete for the strongest possible reception, reducing noise and dropout due to RF interference.
Mic & Line Level Output
The SLX4 receiver features an XLR mic level and 1/4" phone line level output.


 Wireless Desktop for Government Meetings

 Shure MX405/410/418 Gooseneck

 goodneck woreless

Shure MX405W Gooseneck Microphone conveniently pairs the gooseneck microphone with a Shure MX890 wireless desktop base. The wireless base enables wireless operation with Shure's SLX 4 and SLX4L series wireless microphone receivers. The combination also eliminates the need to drill holes in conference tables, podiums, etc. A push-to-talk switch is also featured.


Other Wireless Systems Available
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