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BeachTek DXA-2T

The BeachTek DXA-2T Universal Compact Camcorder Audio Adapter greatly improves the audio quality of your mini camcorder by providing two balanced inputs with gain control, and mic / line input switches. The DXA-2T attaches to the base of any camcorder and allows you to directly connect balanced microphones, wireless microphone receivers, external audio mixers, preamplifiers and more.

There are 2 XLR inputs with level controls, mic and line input switches, mono and stereo output switch, and a dual mode ground switch for eliminating ground hum and noise. The DXA-2T is easy to install, simply attach the unit to the base of the camera and connect the 1/8" output to the camera's input. The DXA-2T features a tripod socket at the base, allowing the DXA-2T and camcorder to be mounted onto a tripod.

• Mono / Stereo output switch
• Ground switch for noise free operation
• Line / Mic input switches
• Ultra-slick trim controls
• Auxiliary mini-jack input - ideal for wireless mics
• Two balanced XLR inputs
• Output mini-jack to camcorder
• Retractable azimuth pin
• Camcorder mounting bolt
• Sturdy die cast aluminum chassis
• Premium shielded balancing transformers
• Tripod socket

  Rolls PM351



The PM351, like its predecessor the PM350b, is a personal monitoring device with a 1/4" TRS stereo/mono Line Input,a single XLR Microphone input and hard-wired XLR pass-through, and a 1/4" stereo/mono Instrument input with two transformer-balanced and isolated XLR Outputs. All three of these inputs are also routed via individual Level controls, to a 1/4" and an 1/8" (3.5mm) Phone Output. The Mic Through, and Instrument outputs have jumpered Ground Lifts for elimination of ground hum. The PM351 is ideal for live bands and church musicians, as well as studio musicians and singers. Having the ability to monitor a main mix along with the musician's voice and their instrument make the PM351 an effective and versatile tool.

rolls mx422

Rolls MX422 Field Mixer

The MX422 is a four channel, microphone/line mixer with balanced XLR inputs and outputs. The unit is ideal for the broadcast and video markets. It has the same features of other ENG / portable mixers without the extremely high price. Applications include: * DV Field Production. * Electronic News Gathering. * Location Recording (Dialogue and Music). * Digital Recording. * Broadcast Remotes. * Desktop Mixing for Video Post Production. MX422 FIELD MIXER METER RESPONSE: The meters are set at the factory for a 0 indication of a 0 dbv output level. Non responding meters is caused by only one thing, not enough level from the output amp. To correct this please verify the following. Start with the channel and master at center positions. Make sure the monitor switch is out. 1. Turn up the trim control to the point where the meters read the level you desire. 2. If this causes too much output from the output jacks, push in the attenuator button near the output jacks. 3. Fine tune the level you want with the channel and master controls. Finally, if the Pro standard of 0 dB is too hot for you, there are trim pots for each meter inside the unit that can be adjusted down to a 0 indication of about -10dBv.


Shure FP33 3-Channel Stereo Mixer

The FP33 is a 3-input, 2 output, portable stereo mixer specifically designed for remote audio recording, electronic field production, electronic news gathering, and location film production.

FP33 features include: High-quality, sealed input potentiometers, Dynamic range of over 100dB 48V phantom, 12V phantom power, and 12V T (A-B) power, LED indicators of input levels, output peaks, limiter action, and low battery. Pop-up pan pots and a link switch to couple inputs 2&3 into a stereo pair, Mix Bus to connect an additional FP33 or FP32A, comprehensive headphone monitoring control including headphone MS stereo matrix, internal DIP switches for over 4,000 customized setups. The FP33 has an exceptionally low self-noise and a wide dynamic range that are perfect for use with DAT and other digital recording media.

  • Exceptionally quiet design, suitable for use with DAT and other digital formats
  • Extended frequency response of 20 Hz–20 kHz 
  • Dynamic range greater than 100 dB 
  • Transformer balanced inputs and outputs for superior rejection of RFI and electromagnetic hum 
  • Three selectable mic/line inputs 
  • Two selectable mic/line outputs 
  • Wide range input gain controls handle hot signal levels without attenuators 
  • 48 V phantom, 12 V phantom, and 12 V T (A-B) microphone power 
  • Pop-up pan pots 
  • Link switch gangs inputs 2 and 3 to control a stereo microphone 
  • Switchable low-cut filters on each input 
  • Bi-color LED signal presence and peak indicator for each input 
  • Professional VU meters with selectable timed or toggled backlighting 
  • Dual clutched Master gain control for simultaneous or separate adjustment of output levels 
  • Bi-color LED limiter and peak indicator for each output 
  • Two linkable output peak limiters with adjustable thresholds and release times 
  • Slate microphone and slate tone with selectable functions 
  • Isolated two-way talk-back using Monitor In and modified Slate Mic/Tape Out jack 
  • High tolerance 3.5 mm jacks for stereo Tape Out and Monitor In 
  • 1 kHz tone oscillator 
  • Mix bus jack and cable to link FP33 or FP32A mixers 
  • Headphone monitor mode switch to select L, L+R (Mono), R, or Stereo 
  • Internal headphone level adjustments to balance post–master audio levels and Monitor In levels at the headphone output 
  • Selectable M/S decoding circuit for headphone monitor. 
  • Mixer/Monitor In switch (locking and momentary) 
  • Internal Monitor defeat switch for split-feed headphone operation 
  • Headphone volume control 
  • 1/4 in. and 3.5 mm jacks for stereo headphone outputs. 
  • Customized operation via internal DIP switches, trim pots, slide switches, and optional jumpers 
  • Regulated voltage rails (±15 Vdc) provide exceptional headroom 
  • Bi-color power On/Off LED 
  • Battery check switch and low battery warning LED 
  • Non-polarized external power jack 
  • External power operating range of 12 to 30 Vdc 
  • Soft-touch, color coded control knobs with raised position indicators 
  • Metal XLR input and output connectors 
  • Rugged, plated metal chassis 
  • Operates for 8 hours on two 9 V alkaline batteries 
  • Includes carrying case, shoulder strap, and mix bus cable 

Shure m268

When you see the price attached to the SCM268 microphone mixer, you'd never guess that there are six transformers inside: four transformer balanced XLR microphone-level inputs, one transformer balanced XLR mic/line output, and one internal low stray field, toroidal power transformer.

Nor would you expect that the six transformers are just the start of what makes the SCM268 such a great value. But, then again, it's a Shure. So you've come to expect this kind of commitment to affordable quality.

So Many Benefits. So Little Space

All those audio transformers provide protection from RF interference, prevent ground loops, and make the SCM268 exceptionally quiet. The internal toroidal power transformer means you no longer have to deal with that annoying "wall wart."

Add to this a rugged half-rack chassis -- with exceptionally solid rack mounting hardware -- and the SCM268 will easily fit into the widest range of smaller applications, such as:

Meeting rooms
Houses of worship
Educational paging and public address
Sound system rental

Part of Shure's Growing Line Of Quality "SCM" Mixers

For over a generation, Shure mixers, as well as a host of other Shure products, have been chosen for installed sound applications with unparalleled peace-of-mind. The SCM268 continues this tradition of quality performance at a great value. If you want half a dozen transformers in ahalf-rack space, choose the SCM268. You will be wholly satisfied.

The SCM268 fits into a half-rack space and includes all the necessary rack mounting hardware.

Shure 367
              Shure M367

M367 Six Input Portable Mixer

The Shure Model M367 is a six-input, portable microphone mixer/remote amplifier specifically designed for professional applications in electronic news gathering (ENG), electronic field production (EFP) and general audio mixing. Exceptional low-noise design makes the M367 ideal for use with digital transmission links and digital video/audio recording media, including ISDN and DAT. Compact and rugged, the M367 is built to withstand the most demanding field production conditions. In addition, its excellent performance, versatility and features make it an ideal choice for studio, remote, or sound reinforcement use, and as an add-on mixer for expanding existing facilities.

 Each M367 handles up to six microphones or line-level signals. Any high-quality, low-impedance, balanced microphone using a dynamic or condenser* transducer (including wireless and shotgun types) can be used. Additional M367 or other Shure mixers can be linked using the rear-panel mix bus jacks.
*Self-powered or operable on 12 or 48 Vdc phantom power

  • Six balanced mic/line inputs 
  • Two XLR outputs
  • Adjustable limiter threshold
  • Power On, input clipping and output peak/limiter LEDs
  • 12- and 48-volt phantom power
  • 1 kHz tone oscillator switch (mutes all inputs, level control on master)
  • Mic/line switches on each input and output
  • Low-cut filter switches
  • Headphone monitor circuit
  • Two position Mix Bus
  • VU metering
  • Easy-access side battery compartment, with battery check function
  • Power via battery two standard 9-volt alkaline or 120/230V ac (detachable power cord supplied)
  • Rack mountable with available A367R accessory

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