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At Access A/V we carry a complete line of audio mixing consoles- from Mackie to Yamaha, SoundCraft, Berringer, Alesis, Allen and Heath, Rolls and others. Staff members with audio engineering experience may favor particular brands for specific features. . . we have your unit at the price you'll find attractive.

For the 'occassional' or novice user/volunteer producer we recommend the Mackie Onyx series for 12 and 16 channel mixers. The predominate feature in this versatile board is the individual channel LEDS for immediate visual cues to audio levels or over-modulation. Coupled with a sensible price structure and numerous I/O options, you have a Board that is easy to understand and professional in quality.


Studio Live 32 Series III    (also available in 16 & 8 Channel Models)

Presonus Studio LIve Series III


  • 40 Total Inputs
  • 32 Channel: 16 Mic and 16 Mic/Line
  • Built-In SD Card Recorder
  • 26 Buses, 7" Color Screen
  • High-Headroom XMAX Microphone Preamps
  • Comprehensive Updated Fat Channel
  • Four 32-Bit Stereo DSP FX Processors
  • Includes StudioLive AI Software Library
  • Includes Ethernet and USB 2.0 Cables
  • Includes Studio One Professional
  • Mac, Windows, & iPad Compatible


 Allen & Heath

                           QU 24

 QU 24



  • Chrome Knobs & Faders + Updated Firmware
  • 24 AnalogiQ Preamps
  • 5" Touchscreen
  • 25 Motorized 100mm Faders with Recall
  • 5-Core ARM Processor
  • Integrated iLive FX
  • Record Audio to Mac or USB Hard Drive
  • 48 kHz/24-Bit Resolution
  • iPad App for Wireless Mixing
  • dSNAKE Compatible



Behringer X32 Digital Mixing Console

behringer x32



  • Programmable MIDAS-Designed Mic Preamps
  • 6-Band Parametric EQs
  • Digital Snake Ready
  • 32x32 FireWire/USB Audio Interface Card
  • Virtual FX
  • 40-bit Floating-Point DSP
  • 7" Color TFT Display
  • Motorized Faders
  • USB Flash Connector
  • Networked Remote Control





  • 24 input channels
  • 48v phantom power switched in blocks of four
  • 1/4" line input jack for balanced or unbalanced instruments
  • GB30 padless mic preamp provides up to +15dBu input capability
  • 18dB per octave highpass filter straight after preamp
  • Pre-fade, pre-EQ (but post highpass filter) insert point
  • Direct outputs on all but the last 8 channels
  • Premium mic pres
  • Enhanced, switching EQ section
  • 6 flexible aux sends
  • Pre-fader, post-EQ soloing
  • LED doubles as a peak indicator
  • Stereo input section
  • Group, master, and control room sections

 yamaha logo

 TF3 24 Channel Digital Console



  • Touchscreen & 25 Motorized Faders
  • 24 Analog XLR/TRS Combo Mic/Line Inputs
  • 2 Analog RCA Pin Stereo Line Inputs
  • 16 Analog XLR Outputs
  • Per-Channel EQ /Comp & 8 FX Processors
  • Recallable D-PRE Microphone Preamps
  • Expandable Up to 48 Input Channels
  • 34x34 Recording to Computer via USB 2.0
  • Optional Tio1608-D I/O Rack
  • Includes Steinberg's Nuendo Live




  • For Sound Reinforcement
  • Onyx Mic Preamps
  • 3-Band EQ with Sweepable Mid-Range
  • Improved RF Rejection
  • Phantom Power for Condenser Mics
  • PFL / AFL Solo Modes
  • 12-Segment Stereo Meters
  • 60mm Log-Taper Faders
  • Universal Power Supply

"I always go out to bid for equipment quotes and I always come back to Access AV for the purchase. Lowest price and immediate service if needed afterwards."

Tina Radel
Westbrook, ME


"Competitive pricing, attention to detail, unmatched customer service before and afterthe sale. Access AV and the team are what every company looks for in a supplier."

 Rodney Verrill
NE School of Communications


"We use Access A/V
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They are familiar with our
facility which translates
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