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2 ch mixewr

The BeachTek DXA-2T Universal Compact
Camcorder Audio Adapter

greatly improves the audio quality of your mini camcorder by providing two balanced inputs with gain control, and mic / line input switches. The DXA-2T attaches to the base of any camcorder and allows you to directly connect balanced microphones, wireless microphone receivers, external audio mixers, preamplifiers and more.

There are 2 XLR inputs with level controls, mic and line input switches, mono and stereo output switch, and a dual mode ground switch for eliminating ground hum and noise. The DXA-2T is easy to install, simply attach the unit to the base of the camera and connect the 1/8" output to the camera's input. The DXA-2T features a tripod socket at the base, allowing the DXA-2T and camcorder to be mounted onto a tripod.

 • Mono / Stereo output switch
 • Ground switch for noise free operation
 • Line / Mic input switches
 • Ultra-slick trim controls
 • Auxiliary mini-jack input - ideal for wireless mics
 • Two balanced XLR inputs
 • Output mini-jack to camcorder
 • Retractable azimuth pin
 • Camcorder mounting bolt
 • Sturdy die cast aluminum chassis
 • Premium shielded balancing transformers
 • Tripod socket

 2 ch beachtek



The Beachtek DXA-4P offers a reliable way to connect professional audio gear to your DV camcorder and enjoy the benefits of using balanced audio. Two sources may be recorded simultaneously, and each input may be recorded on a separate audio track, making it possible to mix both channels individually during editing. Time Code feeds may also be input during recording, and the shielding, channel separation and XLR connectors are of a professional quality.

This unit will work with all camcorders (including Canon GL-1, Optura PI, ZR-10, Panasonic AG-EZ1 and AG-DVC10) with the exception of the Sony DCR-VX1000, VX700 and Panasonic AG-EZ30. . . other models meet these camera requirements

• Smooth, 31-step attenuation potentiometers with durable professional rotary knobs allow for precise level adjustment
• 3.5mm mini auxiliary jack accepts either mono or stereo connections
• Two input channels allow recording of two sources on separate tracks for post audio mixing; both channels have a dedicated mic/line level switch and trim potentiometers for separate level control
• Stereo/Mono switch allows recording to both channels with only one input
• Securely mounts to underside of camcorder and eliminates cable strain
• Threaded hole available for mounting on a tripod plate
• Rugged all metal case provides noise shielding and durable Neutrik XLR jacks provide reliable connectivity

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